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Inauguration of IEEE EMC and Antennas Joint Chapter of Argentina


Thursday Nov. 6th, 2008
12:00 Registration Open
14:30 Welcome from Chair of ITBA, Alte. Dr. Enrique Molina Pico
14:35 Vice-President IEEE Argentina and President Chapter EMC-IEEE Argentina.
14:45 'State of the EMC Society'. Elya Joffe. President of IEEE EMCS
15:05 'Presentation of Antennas and Propagation Society'. Leo Kempel. Chapter Coordinator of IEEE-APS
15:25 'EMC Troubleshooting with Case Studies'
16:10 - - - Coffe break
16:30 'The Discipline of EMC - for the Garbage of Electronics to System Engineering'
17:15 'Frequency Selective Surfaces'. Prof. Ben Munk. Ohio State University
18:00 Coffe break
18:20 "Shielding Applied to Satellites". Hernan Sineiro, INVAP.
19:05 - - - - - end of the first day - - - - -

Friday Nov. 7th, 2008
09:00 CAERCEM Laboratory presentation. Benito Alvarez Ovide, CAERCEM Director
09:30 'Numerical methods and applications to real-world examples concerning antennas'. Marcelo Perotoni, CST Corp.
10:15 'Leaky Wave Antennas'. Leo Kempel. IEEE Michigan State University and IEEE APS Coordinator
11:00 - - - Coffe break
11:20 'Vulnerability of electronics and people to the effects of on-board radiation from aircraft antennas'. Andy Dorzd. Past IEEE EMCS President
12:20 - - - Lunch time
14:00 'Radiation and Human Protection'. John Norgard
14:45 'Measurements of Non-ionizing Radiation'. Claudio Muñoz. ITBA CAERCEM
15:45 - - - Coffe break
16:05 'Who's Afraid of Maxwell's Equations'. Elya Joffe
17:05 'Fundamentals of Grounding'
19:05 ' Goodbye listening an Argentinean folklore singer (to be confirmed)
19:30 Elya Joffe, Guillermo Kalokai and Gustavo Fano
19:45 - - - Coffe * End of Seminar

Some pictures taken from the event can be observed below

Prof. Ben Munk, from Ohio State University during his lecture

Elya Joffe, IEEE president of IEEE- EMC Society of one of his several technical disertations in the Meeting.

Prof. Jhon Nogard, of Colorado State University suring his technical presentation.

The Argentinean singer Mr. Pablo Cejas, singing typical songs of our country after the Meeting.

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